Puffed Rice


Puffed rice, commonly known as murmura is consumed as snacks in many Indian households. It is used to make many spicy and sweet snacks, like Puffed rice.


  1. Ward off constipation. Puffed rice comes loaded with the beneficial bacterias, which help in warding off constipation problems.
  2. Help maintain blood pressure. High blood pressures can lead to many other health problems, such as heart attack and stroke. However, consuming murmura can help in maintaining blood pressure levels. 
  3. Good for your digestive system. Puffed rice comes loaded with fiber that makes it an excellent snack for your digestive systems. According to reports, 100 grams of puffed rice contain 17 grams of fiber. Regular consumption of high fiber food keeps your stomach healthy. 
  4. A quick source of energy. Puffed rice provides one with a quick source of energy. It is a healthy choice to satisfy cravings without sabotaging your diet. 
  5. Weight management. Since puffed rice is exceptionally light and is low in calories, it helps you to maintain your weight and get rid of those deposited fats.

PRO TIP: Do consult your nutritionist for the right portion.

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