Lifestyle Coaching

Weight Management

Ritika offers a detailed workout plan for clients to help them with managing their weight. This includes recommending certain exercises or workouts that will be the most beneficial for the client’s body type. Ritika will examine your current lifestyle and the amount of physical activities you regularly partake in. These activities could range from actual exercises, to the amount of time you may spend sitting at a desk for work, or how often you are able to walk throughout the day. After examining your daily habits with physical activity, Ritika will offer you recommendations on how to make your lifestyle healthier based on your daily habits and body type. 

Meal Planning and Recipes

Ritika’s education and general knowledge of nutrition and culinary options provides clients with the absolute best type of diet plan that will work for them and their body type. She knows how to help you continue eating the foods you enjoy in moderation. She will also assist you in incorporating important foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet. Ritika has experimented, cooked and perfected various healthy recipes that clients can choose from to improve their eating habits without feeling guilty. 

Scheduling and Organization

Ritika will examine your lifestyle in general, including how many hours on average you may be sleeping per night, how frequently you are eating meals and how many hours you spend doing various physical activities (e.g. sitting, walking, standing, etc.). She will take this information to form a plan that will assist you in continuing to complete you daily tasks while no longer sacrificing your health. 

She will provide you with advice on how to shop for healthy groceries and how to incorporate the healthiest ingredients into your meals. Her diet plans will come with personal counseling from Ritika herself, so you know and understand the process and remain on track with your personal health goals. 

How To Sign Up

Please visit the website contact page directly at and fill out the required information. Lifestyle Coach Ritika Gulati will respond quickly to your request for a healthier lifestyle. Don’t hesitate in improving your life for the better, schedule your consultation today!