Ritika Gulati is a highly successful Lifestyle Coach and Fitness & Nutrition Specialist based in India. She is passionate about food, health, nutrition and helping others reach their highest potential in terms of health. Her love for health and fitness remains strong due to her personal experience struggling with obesity at a young age. She knows from a firsthand perspective the feelings of shame and embarrassment often experienced by people that struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After deciding to focus on her health and fitness, Ritika realized that by developing workouts and diet plans based on her body type, she was able to successfully reach and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

Ritika’s own experience showed her it was possible to lose weight in a healthy and pleasurable way, and she was inspired to help others form healthier lifestyles as well, thus beginning her career in Lifestyle Coaching. Ritika holds a PGD in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, a Bachelor’s degree in Science, and degrees in Nutrition & Health Education and Food Production. She also has a Specialization in Fitness Nutrition (USA). She is certified as a Diabetes, Trainer Type I and Type II (USA); Pilates Trainer (USA); and Fitness Trainer (India). Her background knowledge in these areas allows her to provide clients with not only the actionable steps they should take to get healthier, but also the science and factual explanation behind why they’re following a certain plan. 

Today you can find Ritika applying her Lifestyle Coaching methods to a wide range of people. Her clientele includes students, professionals and even celebrities of all age groups. She also  gives talks on health and nutrition at schools, colleges and corporations. Her charismatic and engaging personality helps her motivate both clients and audiences to make positive and meaningful changes in their lives and to be in touch with their personal health. Ritika is an expert at truly making a difference in others’ lives, and she knows how to do it without making the process seem dull or restricting. If you have been searching for help with getting your health on track for good, Ritika knows how to get you there in the most enjoyable and healthy way possible.