Ritika Gulati is renowned Fitness & Nutrition Specialist in India. Since Ritika loves her work, she secures various opportunities with schools, colleges as well as corporate houses. Ritika thus has been featured on various news channels including Haryana News and Janta News with the special featured program.

Ritika works with all types of individuals from students to professionals, young to elders and even celebrities. Her aim as a Fitness & Nutrition Expert is always to find ways to help individuals have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy good health. Ritika is exceptionally insightful and understanding, and she makes a massive difference to anyone wishing to focus on both areas nutrition and fitness or either of one.

Ritika has enhanced her skills by both professional education as well as practical experience with herself. She once was obese, and during that phase of her life she felt embarrassed an uncomfortable, then she decided to develop workout solutions for herself and people like her who are looking to lose weight, remain fit and enjoy good health.

Ritika holds PGD in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Bachelors in Science, Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education, Diploma in Food Production, Specialization in Fitness Nutrition (USA), Certified as Diabetes, Trainer Type I & Type II (USA), Certified Pilates Trainer (USA) and Govt of India certified Fitness Trainer, Functional Range of Motion and Advanced Strength Trainer and up till today she is focused on enhancing her knowledge so she attends various specialized conferences and summits to stay updated.

She is known for her magnetic style, which helps to motivate her clients and audience to make a positive and meaningful change to their health without being dull or overly restrictive. She has dedicated her life to improving the fitness of tons of people both in India and abroad.