Gram Flour


Besan or gram flour is one of the most versatile food items used in Indian households. It is because besan can be used to make various delicious and healthy recipes. Apart from this, it is widely used for skincare by Indian women. Here I am sharing with you some of the incredible benefits of eating besan. Here we go…..

  1. Gram flour contains soluble fiber, which helps in keeping your heart healthy. The fiber content of besan keeps your cholesterol levels under control, thereby maintaining the proper functioning of the heart along with the healthy blood circulation.
  2. Besan is gluten-free, which helps you to fight off many allergic reactions. In addition to this, it contains fewer calories and is high in nutrition.
  3. Besan is a blessing for Diabetic patients. The lower level of a glycemic index makes besan one of the best home remedies to control Diabetes.
  4. Besan is one of the greatest home remedies for skincare. It not only tightens but also maintains skin elasticity.
  5. Besan helps in weight loss. Due to the lower levels of the glycemic index, it helps in faster calorie burn.

PRO TIP: Do consult your nutritionist for the right portion.

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